The Best Hack For Bullet Journal Doodles When You Suck At Drawing

by Kristin Graziano

Bullet Journal doodles are one of the best ways to make yours fit your style. BUJO’s have been around for quite a few years now and I have always loved the idea of them. Seeing all the pretty ones on Pinterest and Instagram is enticing. For me though, there is one problem with them. I want a pretty one with all the cute doodles and gorgeous drawings. The monthly cover pages colored in all nice. Here’s where the problem lies. I can’t draw for anything. Well, I can draw basic shapes and a decent stick figure. 😆 And when I do try it can take me hours to draw even just a basic rose doodle. I’ve tried before. I was following a drawing for kids video. It took me almost 3 hours. To say the least, I’m artistically challenged.

Staying Organized For My Sanity

When I started the full-time RV life, we did keep our printer since we knew it would be needed sometimes. At that time I used printable planner pages to keep myself organized. I quickly realized that was going to be a pain in the butt. Anytime I wanted to add a new page to my planner, I would have to pull out the printer and set it up. Print my page and then put the printer back in its storage spot. That was getting annoying.

I decided a BUJO would probably be my best bet and much less of a pain. I was determined to come up with hacks to make it pretty like I wanted to. When I set my mind to something, there’s no stopping me! I like a minimalist look for the spreads but with a splash of pretty drawings. I needed hacks to not only make it pretty but also to not be very time consuming to set it up. So here’s the best and easiest hack I have, bullet journal doodles for the artistically challenged.

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Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Bullet Journal Doodles!

For this hack you will need very basic supplies that are easy to get, you might even have all of them already. First, of course, you will need your bullet journal. A great place to find one is on Amazon. They have the ones long time BUJO’ers (is that even the right term?) rave about like this one here. I, however, wanted to go cheaper on the journal for starting out. Once I get it down more and I know for sure I will stick with it, then I will make the investment for the super nice one. Instead, I got this one on Amazon to start with and it has been working great for me. I chose the dotted journal so that I could space out stuff easier and draw straight lines without needing a ruler.

Next, you will need pencils and a pen. Charcoal pencils work best, but in a pinch, a No. 2 pencil will also work.

Printed up pics of what you want to “draw”. Since pulling out my printer is a pain for just 1 image, I print up a whole bunch and just set them aside in a folder for using later on. I searched for doodles and drawings I liked, then printed them up in different sizes for what I want to use them for, now or later on. Sometimes I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted or seeing two different doodles gave me an idea for one. In that case, I printed them up and combined them when tracing.

How I “draw” my BUJO doodles.

Cut out your printed image leaving a little space around it. Flip it over and grab your charcoal pencil. Holding the pencil sideways, use it to color in the back of the image.

Bullet Journal doodle hacks using charcoal pencil to trace drawing

Flip it over and place the image on your page where you want it. I use a few small strips of washi tape to hold the image in place so it doesn’t move around or smudge during the next step.

BUJO hacks for drawing, placing your image securely.

Take your pen and trace over the drawing. When you have traced over all the lines, remove the paper and you will have a pencil sketch on your page to work with!

Bullet Journal doodle hacks for drawing, your pencil sketch is done.

At this point, you can grab your markers or colored pencils and start coloring. I like to trace over my pencil lines with a black fine tip marker and then color it in with my Prisma color pencils. I do my monthly cover pages this way as well as the cute little yoga foxes on my workout tracking on the weekly spread pages.

Bullet Journal doodle hacks for the artistically challenged, my completed May coverage page.

BUJO hacks for drawing, yoga fox drawing

This hack works for more than just doodles!

Another thing this hack works great for is hand lettering. I got a hand lettering book to try to learn to make my handwriting all pretty. Yeah, me being artistically challenged extends to that also. So with all the pretty fonts on my laptop, I typed out each month in all the fonts I liked and printed them up. I even did other random quotes and words for my other BUJO pages. Use the same tracing method and then color it in!

Bullet Journal doodle hacks for drawing, faking hand lettering

And there you have it, my favorite hack so far for making my Bullet Journaldoodles. What are your favorite hacks and tricks when setting up your BUJO? For more Bullet Journal Ideas and tips, check out my Pinterest board!

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