About Me

Hi, I’m Kristin!

Creatively Quirky | KristinWelcome to my blog! I love letting my creativity loose and spending my spare time crafting. I am on a wellness journey to improve my life and recover some of the sanity my children stole from me. Join me on my journey to living a healthier, happy life while embracing my quirks along the way! I will be sharing tips for what is working for me, ways to get better organized, lots of planner printables and of course DIYs.

Want to know even more?????

I’m a mom of 2, a boy and a girl. They have both taught me valuable lessons in life and had me saying stuff I never thought I would. I’m not the only boy mom who has had to repeatedly say, “If you stop pulling on it, it won’t hurt anymore!”, Am I? Please tell me I’m not! I’m also the wife of a soldier, so moving a lot is part of what we do. We recently just moved to Alabama from Colorado and are making the most of it. We have lots of plans for exploring the south in the next few years while we are here. So if you are reading this and from the south, send me some ideas of places we have to visit! When moves happen often, the best you can do is embrace each one and make the most of it!

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